Hello I am Geovanny Amador and I would like to say thank you for inquiring on our services here at Pro-Point Media. I have been a videographer and media developer since 2012. As collective director my responsibilities are to make sure your needs are met by planning and scheduling our tasks and operations for our team. 

For me, providing my team with the resources and tools to go to a set or venue, and be allowed the time and ease to focus on their craft. Is the most rewarding part of the process. 

I would like to take the time to introduce the team!

Collective Director



Larry is the developer of NeoNegus Films. He specializes in script/creative writing and development. 


Larry's ability to sit and listen to a pitch and transcribe the idea into a script is vital to our creative process here at Pro-Point Media.Whether you are looking to develop a film project or documentary. Larry can capture the feeling and direction you envision and put it in writing. 

As business development manager Larry is in charge of strategizing our companies direction and outreach to our clients.

Screenwriter/Business Development



Eddie is the developer of Maced Marchi Films. He specializes in visual direction and concept development. He is also our resident photographer.

Eddies eye for the shots and angles that make your videos and photos stand out is very impressive. His ability to challenge himself with each project. Helps  build confidence that you are in great hands when you look to capture your most memorable moments or suspenseful scene.




Aldo is the developer of BlackCrayon Productions. He specializes in camera work and audio recording for your projects needs.

Aldo's ability to provide the best quality shots and audio recording to make your project look, sound the best, relieves the doubt of possibly missing a key moment. 

Videographer/Audio Engineer



Rolando is the developer of Chubbz Graphics. He specializes in logo creation and digital art. 

Rolando has an ability to pair the best details to give your project the look which will engage your intended audience.

Graphic Design


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