Maced Marchi

Eddie is the developer of Maced Marchi Films. He specializes in visual direction and concept development. He is also our resident photographer.

Eddies eye for the shots and angles that make your videos and photos stand out is very impressive. His ability to challenge himself with each project. Helps  build confidence that you are in great hands when you look to capture your most memorable moments or suspenseful scene.


Eddie is in charge of developing the best shots to really tell our clients story and message in a creative and intriguing way. 

Music Video

Eddie has worked for many years with the local music community here in Wisconsin.


His approach is to try something that is different than the trend or norm. Allowing for the artist to showcase a video that represents their vision fully.


Eddie is our resident Photographer and has a habit of finding the best angles and settings to capture  your special moment in the best way possible.

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